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Dramatic results can be obtained using Seaco's patented DustRx foaming agents. We provide not only the chemistry but the engineering, unparalleled service and commitment to handle your dust control needs. Real life onsite trials are available for performance evaluation. Seaco can also address haul roads, piles and berms where a crusting agent is of value.

Dust Master System


The Seaco DustMaster foam system is recognized as the premier system in the market today. This extremely robust engineered hardware combines with specific chemistries to solve fugitive dust problems where other systems fail.

Erosion Control Soil Stabalizers

Erosion Control / Soil Stabalizers

The erosion caused by field irrigation in the agriculture industry is a serious problem which develops with surface or flood irrigation. Erosion caused by water can seriously affect crop yield and safety of the area being affected. The reduction in soil quality caused by erosion can result in the loss of nutrient rich upper layers of the soil.