Food Processing

Once produce leaves the field, post harvest processing is the most critical step to ensure the quality and shelf life of your precious commodity. From a simple shed to a large scale mechanized facility, we have the technology and service plan to fit your needs. Seaco is licensed with County, State, and Federal agencies for supplying and managing decay control programs as required by law.

Systems may be configured as simple manual controls or fully automated systems that use specially designed software programs which monitor performance and functionality. All of our control programs are set up to meet Risk Management Programs (RMP), Process Safety Management (PSM), and Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) criteria. All service programs designed by Seaco help ensure Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) compliance.

Seaco's disinfection and decay control programs are engineered to each customer's specific needs. Once a system is designed and installed an account representative will make regular service calls according to your needs. Routine maintenance, scheduling the delivery of product and completing regular service reports are just a few of the services Seaco provides.

Our licensing includes registrations for chlorine gas, sodium hypochlorite, and other micro biocides. We also provide treatment for hydro coolers with chlorination and sanitation for your fruit and vegetable production.

  • We provide registered food grade pH buffers
  • Customer training provided on test parameters.
  • Analytical services include:
  • Chlorine and other treatment parameters
  • General water chemistry
  • Microbiological testing